Fair Trade and aware consumption Workshops


making students aware of Fair Trade Movement
introducing an aware consumer's values and patterns of behaviour


a) Implementing a survey concerning aware consumption within the students.
b) Analysing the results in groups and making conclusion what should be improved (students prepare diagrams and charts showing the results)
c)discussion how to improve the situation (practical tips)
*survey in appendix 1
materials: per a group: a pair of jeans, scissors, safety- pins (10 pieces), 1 coat hangers.
•    showing the distribution of incomes among different stages of jeans production.
•    Emphasising an uneven distribution of income
•    emphasising the low income of the workers in the sewing factories

information for the teacher

income distribution coming from jeans production:
•    sales 50%
•    advertisement 25%
•    material and factory 15%
•    transportation and taxes 11%
•    workers 1%

•    we pay the most money for the brand, owner and advertising agencies
•    workers producing jeans earn dramatically low wages

Steps of the workshops:

•    teach group gets the set of materials
•    students are given only the percentages without naming the receivers
•    they cut the jeans according to the given numbers and they label the receivers of the income as they assume
•    then each group presents their work
•    after presenting all the group the teacher shows properly cut jeans with the correct labels and emphasises that the workers get the smallest amount of money from the final price

3.Preparing a board game

students search the Internet to get the information about the basis of Fair Trade Movement and aware consumption.

Materials needed: cardboards, scissors, glue, colourful sheets of papers, markers.
Aims: consolidation of the knowledge of Fair Trade and aware consumption

•    dividing the students into groups of four
•    distributing the materials
•    explaining the students they have to prepare an educational game concerning Fair Trade and aware consumption (like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders with the rules and the layout)
•    presenting the games to the rest)
•    choosing the most interesting one

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